Why We Own Stocks

Why We Own Stocks “Because profits go up 8% a year, and stocks will follow. That’s all there is to it.” -Peter Lynch   The latest tug of war in the financial punditry is between the “recession camp” and the “soft-landing camp”. In the recession camp we have consumers and corporations lowering their plans to…

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Stocks Don’t Always Go Up

On December 27, 1999, Microsoft closed the day at $59.56 per share (split-adjusted). When the dot-com bubble burst in the ensuing months, it ultimately took 17 years (until October of 2016) for Microsoft’s stock price to regain the high from 1999. At that fateful peak in 1999, shares in the enterprise software behemoth traded hands…

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Money, Credit & Crypto

Money, Credit & Crypto Money has taken on innumerable forms throughout history. Whether it’s been salt, tea, spices, rice, potatoes, bullion, bank notes, or even cigarettes, humans have used an impressive array of commodities and conventions to engage in trade and track the exchange of value across time and space. As standard economic history would…

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