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We offer a variety of solutions to help you reach your financial goals.


We will help you build a plan for how to save, spend, and invest your money so you can accomplish your goals for you and your family.


As experienced fiduciaries and portfolio managers, we’ll build a personalized investment strategy that matches your goals and risk tolerance.


We help develop a financial framework that gives you the confidence to live the life you want, and gives you the freedom to leave a legacy you will be proud of.


We can help you make sure your financial picture is structured to minimize your tax burden so you can keep more of your money.

Timeless Principles for Building Wealth

We are excited to share our philosophy for navigating life and the markets in this Whitepaper. Whether you are a seasoned investor or are just getting started, these foundational concepts are critical for building wealth and achieving financial security.

Peak Asset Management Whitepaper

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Wealth provides flexibility and gives you greater control over your choices. Whether you’re facing a life transition, or want to gain confidence about your financial future, we’re ready to help as your advocate and partner in building and protecting wealth.

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Structure. Strategy. Discipline.

Three guiding principles of everything we do.


Successful wealth management begins by bringing structure to your financial picture. We’ll help you understand your current situation and prioritize your goals.


With a clear view of your financial picture, we will build a portfolio that matches your personalized objectives, asset allocation, and risk tolerance.


Long-term success in investing is as much a result of discipline as it is strategy. We’ll navigate the ever-changing markets and manage your strategy to keep you on track.

Meet the Peak Asset Management Team

Tara J. Hefty, CFA, FRM

Managing Partner & Wealth Advisor

John McCorvie, CFA

Partner, CIO & Wealth Advisor

Julie Pribble, CFA

Wealth Advisor

Terry Hefty


Noel Bennett

Wealth Advisor

Terry Robinette

Wealth Advisor

Brent Yanagida, CFP®, EA

Financial Planner

Hope Albu, CFP®

Service Advisor

Johnny Russell, CFA

Associate Advisor

Sophie Berglund

Associate Advisor/Client Service Associate

Angela Dwinal

Client Service Manager

Bethany Aylor, CFP®

Associate Advisor/Client Service Associate

Debbie Harper

Business Manager

Yvette Green

Front Office Manager

Jodee Aylor

Client Service Associate

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