Tax Analysis and Planning

Preparing for Tax Impacts

Tax analysis and planning is essential to maximizing wealth and reaching your financial goals. Most financial goals have a tax impact—whether in the present or future. As a result, tax considerations should be reviewed frequently, especially as your financial situation and tax laws change.

We leverage the latest technology to develop tax planning scenarios and strategies that can be discussed with your tax professional(s) for specific feedback and/or implementation.

Our Tax Planning Process:

Work with your tax return information to find opportunities such as

  • Retirement plan and IRA/Roth IRA contribution strategy
  • Which accounts to withdraw from or other resources to tap (e.g., Social Security, home equity) to meet specific goals
  • Capital gains management or tax loss harvesting in taxable investment accounts
  • College savings plans

The Peak team will work with you to:

  • Gather information that provides the basis for tax planning analysis and create a Client Tax Review checklist
  • Coordinate with your tax professional(s) to review and implement specific tax feedback and recommendations
  • Monitor results and adjust as needed

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