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Virtual Vault Signup Instructions

To sign up for the vault, please click on link below and fill out the contact form. We will send you a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to log on for the first time. It's a simple process. Once you have received our e-mail with a temporary password, please visit and go to the top right of the homepage and click on the link for Client Vault. You will enter your e-mail and password and then have access to your secure folder.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are my documents secure in the vault?

ShareFile specializes in storing and transmitting documents securely. All communications to ShareFile are encrypted using the same SSL encryption used by banks and e-commerce sites. Furthermore, all data stored on ShareFile’s servers are encrypted for additional protection. ShareFile’s network is subject to daily audits by third-party security monitoring firms to keep up with the latest threats. For more information on ShareFile’s security, visit

How will I be notified when documents are uploaded to the vault?

You will receive an e-mail when documents, including your quarterly reports are available in your vault.

What kind of information can I expect to find in the vault?

Peak will put your quarterly reports into the vault and will keep past reports there as well. In addition, you and Peak can transfer confidential documents (even very large ones) securely by uploading them into the vault.

How long will my quarterly reports be available in the vault?

At this point, Peak has no plans of removing quarterly reports from the vault. If this changes, you will be notified and given ample time to download and save old quarterly reports.

If I sign up for the vault will I receive just my information or my spouse’s as well?

The Virtual Vault will contain the same reports you would normally receive in the mail. So, if you currently receive one report package with both your and your spouse’s information, only one of you needs to sign up for the vault. However, both of your email addresses can be used to access the same vault if you choose, and we will set that up for you.

Does this affect my Schwab statements?

Absolutely not. The vault is only for documents from Peak.

I have several accounts with Peak. Do I have to sign up for each account?

No, you only have to sign up once. Inside a single vault you will receive the same documents you would receive in a paper mailing from Peak, plus any other documents that either you or Peak wish to securely transfer back and forth.

How do I upload documents to Peak?

For this simple process you will enter your ShareFile folder through our website and click the Upload Files button to upload files to us. This method is preferred to traditional e-mail attachments because it guarantees delivery to us regardless of the size of the document and it is completely secure. My e-mail address has changed.

How do I update the e-mail address associated with my vault?

You can do this by clicking the My Settings link on the top-right portion of the screen and then clicking the Add/Edit Email Addresses link in the list of links on the right.

How can I access my vault on mobile devices?

You can access the Virtual Vault through the ShareFile app available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Search for “ShareFile” in your device’s App Store/Market to download the app.

What if I no longer want the vault?

You can cancel the vault and return to traditional paper copies of your quarterly reports at any time. However, the vault should prove to be an easy and secure system for transferring confidential documents back and forth at any time. There is currently no automated way for you to cancel your vault, so you can simply call us at Peak and we will do that for you.