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Who We Serve

Peak Asset Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm offering professional portfolio management, financial planning, and a full range of wealth management services. We provide comprehensive, independent and objective advisory services for individuals, families, trusts, foundations, pension plans, and IRA’s.

Affluence brings opportunity, but it can also bring complexity. As your trusted advisor, it is our job to help you simplify your financial life and attain your personal and financial objectives.

Peak’s clients are generally looking for:

  • An advocate that actively listens to their needs and is responsive to their individual circumstances;
  • A method to consolidate and simplify their financial lives;
  • Ongoing assistance in planning focused on achieving important personal financial and life goals;
  • An advisor who responds quickly to their needs;
  • Growth of their assets, while protecting their capital;
  • A personalized investment strategy;
  • An advisor who can help them when working with other trusted advisors such as estate attorneys, accountants, life insurance agents, etc.;
  • An advisor that can be trusted to operate entirely on our client’s behalf;
  • An exceptional client experience; and

Comprehensive financial counsel addressing:

  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Asset Protection
  • Taxes
  • Estate Issues
  • Charitable Giving
  • Children or Grandchildren’s' Education
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